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All About Royalty Free Stock Images

All About Royalty Free Stock Images

Understanding Stock Photography
Stock photography is imagery of common landmarks, concepts, and events that can be used and reused for commercial design purposes. Book publishers, magazines, advertising agencies, film makers, web designers, graphic artists and other entities utilize stock photography to fulfill the needs of their artistic assignments.

Stock Photography Benefits
Stock photography has replaced photographers and helped customers save valuable time and stay on budget. With a wealth of images and today’s growing digital delivery methods, its now very much possible to purchase images online & get them delivered via FTP or email, the same day.

Royalty Free Images – Introduction
Internet is said to be the ideal home for Royalty Free Images. As we all are acquainted with the fact that Royalty Free Images can be used on websites, in advertising, on blogs, in brochures and in various other design-oriented ways hence it generates countless reasons why an individual, designing centre, advertising company or a corporation would want to use them.

Royalty-Free does not mean a user is free to take and use whatever content they find available to them. It only refers to a specific licensing contract between two entities. The Licensor (Owner or Content creator) always retains all copyright to the content, including the ability to distribute it, or allow redistribution.

Royalty Free Images – Licensing & Reselling Rights

  • Licensing - Using an image without having to pay royalty to the creator of it is termed as Royalty-Free. Under a standard Royalty-Free license, a photo or illustration may be used for private and professional creations and application; for example, on a website or in print advertising.
  • Reselling RightsThe licensing specifies how many times the image can be utilized and lists any restrictions for its use. Each licensing contract is different. Some may allow reselling of items while others may not. The terms of the license should be researched, to be assured if the license includes the rights desired by the Licensee (Buyer).

Key Points:

  1. Licenses for Royalty Free Images are untraceable. This means it’s possible someone else can use it too and there’s no way to predict who, when or where that might be.
  2. Untraceable feature may or may not have immense impact on you or your business as it totally depends on factor where you use a particular image.
  3. Under Royalty-Free the creator of the image always retains the copyright to his creations, including the ability to distribute it himself or allow others to redistribute it.



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