Credit Vs Subscription Plans

Compare-credit-or-subsriptionPurchasing photos from Microstock directories is very common activity. The question is whether you should purchase images with help of credits or through subscription channel?

Many graphic designers who work in advertising industry regularly need good/high quality and original pictures. Majority of designers are not even aware of the fact that several Low Cost options are also available in order to acquire desired images.

Let's talk about How to wisely purchase photos and save your hard earned money? Read on…

Purchase Methods:

  1. Credit Method
  2. Subscription Method (1 Month / 3 Months / 6 Months / 1 Year)

The methods of buying pictures mentioned above have their own advantages & disadvantages which are mentioned below.

A. Credit Method

  • Microstock websites work on credit system allowing you to buy photos by purchasing credits in advance. This measure allows you to purchase a large amount of credits assuming that you would lower the cost of images in the long run.
  • In Microstock industry average cost of 1 credit equals to $1, but this is NOT standard price. Cost per credit varies from one website to another. Some websites may offer you a credit for a dollar, some for $2 or $2.5 or even more at times.
  • The prices of images may go higher with big size factor into play and at times can even reach up to 20 credits per picture. Grow smart with the industry and save your money.

B. Subscription Method (1 Month / 3 Months / 6 Months / 1 Year)

  • Websites that work on subscription method offer buyers great deals under subscription plans. As subscriber purchases the plan, it becomes valid for fixed period of time depending upon the plan purchased. This enables buyer to download fixed number of images depending upon the plan he has subscribed for.
  • Subscription price can get significantly cheaper compared to prices offered under credit program. With subscription plans prices can go as 30 cents a picture, sometimes even less, depending on the amount of pictures you download including downloads on weekends and holidays.
  • Lately Microstock websites are bringing the change in industry by giving twist to subscription plans offered to users which gives them freedom to download more images every single day.

Q: What happens on the days of holidays?

A: On holidays designers often lose money as he has a subscription but did not get to use it on that particular day. Solution is, when you are on vacation or holidays simply arrange your photos in Lightbox and you can download them anytime.

What’s better for You? Credit or Subscription Method

Advertising agencies and designing companies who need a large number of photos should opt for subscription method as that would help them in reducing image cost on regular basis.
Individuals would be benefited more through credit system as everything depends on how many pictures and what size are you looking for. If you regularly purchase large pictures, you should not do it through the credit system, but by subscription plan which gives you freedom of time period depending upon the plan you opt for.

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