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Download Licensed Stock Photo from Getty Images using our exclusive link and get a discount.

If you have been looking for stock photos to buy, you've likely come across Getty Images. Even if you haven't really searched for stock imagery before now, you may still have read this company's name in the credits of many different publications, tv and film productions.


And there's one simple reason for that: Getty Images is one of the world's most popular stock photography agencies. They've been in the market for decades and they're still at top of the industry, and they are the agency of choice for many big brands and companies.

With their history and high profile suppliers and clients as their reliability card, they offer a huge collection of stock images for all kinds of purposes, including a large collection of Editorial images for publishing. Their licensing options cover different rights and their prices vary according to them, ranging from $99 and up to thousands of dollars in some cases.

But now you can save up to 30% in your on demand purchases with Ultrapacks! Sign up at Getty Images now!

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Download Licensed Stock Photo from Getty Images using our exclusive link and get a discount.
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Highlights in Getty Images Offer

Here's what you must know this agency's service:

  • They have a huge collection of over 80 Million images, and add new images constantly
  • They have a large selection of exclusive content, found only at their agency
  • They offer a big collection of Editorial imagery, for publishing, including celebrity and newsworthy photos from the most important entertainment, fashion and sports events, and from locations all over the world.
  • They have high quality and different image resolutions available
  • They work with Rights Managed license that may include exclusivity rights, and Royalty Free license that offers more flexible usage rights for a one-time fee.
  • You can buy a la carte or on demand with Ultrapacks that save you up to 30% from regular a la carte prices.
  • They also include stock video in their offer

Getty Images Editorial Imagery


One of the reasons Getty Images is so popular is their wide offer in Editorial imagery. Editorial images are the ones that because of the lack of model and property releases (this is, the people depicted or owners of the property depicted in the images legally consenting for their likeness to be used in the photos), cannot be sold for commercial uses, but it's very useful for publishing purposes.

Getty's Editorial offer covers all celebrity content, from all major entertainment, fashion and sports events like the Academy Awards, the New York Fashion Week or the Olympics. And they also have newsworthy images from all the most relevant events around the globe, and an extense archive of high-valued historic images.

Editorial images at Getty Images come with an Editorial Rights Managed license. This license gives you the exact rights to cover your intended use in terms of purpose, geographic distribution, volume of reproductions and time duration. If available, it can also include exclusivity rights, meanning you'll be the only one using the image for the time you've acquired the license. And this covers that particular use only. If you want to use the same photo in a different way, or for longer or widely distributed than agreed, you need a new license.

But this is for editorial use only. Images can only be used to illustrate or accompany a publication's content: an article in a magazine, a blog post, etc. They cannot be used in any commercial way, nor in a publication's graphic design nor cover.

Getty Images Creative - BuyMicrostock

Getty Images Creative Images for Commercial Use

If you want photos to use in advertising, marketing campaigns, and more, Getty Images has you covered. Their Creative collection features millions of stock photos ready to be used in commercial projects.

Some of these images are licensed under a Rights Managed license (which terms you read above), and their price depends on the intended use, duration, distribution volume and region. It can be as low as $99 for a small web image, or as high as thousands of dollars for exclusive, high resolution image for global distribution in a high-visibility campaign.

But they also have images under a Royalty Free license. With Royalty Free you get perpetual rights to use the images in a wide range of usages, for a one-time fee. This means, you only have to pay for the image once, and you get to use it forever, in any of the accepted ways included in the terms, for as long and as many times as you wish. These images have flat prices depending on resolution, and the license has few restrictions, like distribution volume limits.

All licenses restrict sensitive use, in pornography or any other morally questionable or sensitive topic that might give a negative connotation to the people or the properties depicted. You must make sure to read their terms carefully to assure you're using the photos in an accepted way.

Buying Images at Getty Images: A la carte or Ultrapacks?

Getty Images has subscription plans available, but these are tailored specifically for each client, and usually are used when you are a big company and you need lots of images constantly.

For smaller buyers, they have an a la carte buying system, in which you can just browse or search and select the photos you want to buy. If it comes with a Rights Managed license, you will need to follow a series of steps to detail your intended use, until you get the final price for the image. For example, a license to use a commercial image in social media, for up to 1 year and with an audience of up to 1 million viewers, an HD image costs $175.

If it comes with a Royalty Free license, they have flat prices according to image size/resolution:

  • XS $50
  • Small $125
  • Medium $300
  • Large $500

Getty Images Ultrapacks


There's also another way to buy images (and videos too), that only simplifies the a la carte process, but it also applies a discount on regular prices: Ultrapacks

These are bulk download purchases that you pay upfront, and then you can use the downloads whenever you want. The download packs are tailored by image resolution and by size, and they all cut a percentage from regular a la carte cost, the higher the resolution and the larger the pack, the greater the discount is, getting as high as 30% off with the largest, high resolution pack.

Ultrapacks make everything simpler: you pay upfront, and then your downloads are active in your account, forever. As long as you log in to your account, the Ultrapacks you buy remain active and ready to be used. And you can have as many packs, same or different, active at the same time, or over time. This way you don't necessarily have to know exactly which photos you want to buy. You can buy the pack, and later use them to download a photo you choose.

Ultrapacks are applied to Getty Images Creative Royalty Free collection of photos and videos, and to most of their Editorial Rights Managed images. But they all come with a custom license that grants a few bonus rights. In the case of Editorial images, they come with a pre-set license granting editorial usage only for 10 years.

Best of all is that you save money in your purchases. Here's the saving benefit in Ultrapacks:

  • Low Resolution:
    • 5 pack $575 – saves $10 per image, and $50 in total.
    • 10 pack $1100 – saves $15 per image, and $150 in total.
    • 15 pack $1575 – saves $20 per image, and $300 in total.
    • 25 pack $2500 – saves $25 per image, and $625 in total.
  • Medium Resolution:
    • 5 pack $1250 – saves $50 per image, and $250 in total.
    • 10 pack $2400 – saves $60 per image, and $600 in total.
    • 15 pack $3450 – saves $70 per image, and $1050 in total.
    • 25 pack $6500 – saves $80 per image, and $2000 in total.
  • High Resolution:
    • 5 pack $2250 – saves $50 per image, and $250 in total.
    • 10 pack $4300 – saves $70 per image, and $700 in total.
    • 15 pack $6075 – saves $95 per image, and $1425 in total.
    • 25 pack $9500 – saves $120 per image, and $3000 in total. 

As you see, it all depends on how much are you willing to invest upfront. The smallest packs, and lower resolutions, might appear cheaper at first, but keep in mind that you will be stuck with that low resolution. A higher resolution image is more versatile in the uses you can make of it, and although a bit more expensive, their packs have the higher discounts.

Getty Images: A Great Source to Buy High Quality Stock Photos

For all the above explained, Getty Images is one of the most reputable stock photo agencies in the world, and has many high-profile brands and companies in their client list.

And now, with Ultrapacks, their photos are much cheaper and easier to get. It's a great opportunity to explore the value in using high quality visuals in your projects.

Are you ready to buy stock photos at Getty Images? Then sign up for free now. And don't forget to buy your Ultrapack to save up to 30% in your purchase!

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