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Get 18% OFF for all Image Subscriptions in Shutterstock Special Offer
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Shutterstock is one of the biggest stock photo agencies online nowadays, and they call themselves as clean, user-friendly and elegant. Shutterstock caters not just individual designers but also those corporations that are in need of large amount of stock images. This is the main reason why they only have the subscription only buying model. Few years back, they have included in their stock photo shop the option that doesn’t require a big investment or an option to download smaller amount of stock photos.

To expand their stock library, they recently acquired Bigstock, which is previously known as Bigstockphoto. They did this in order for them to increase their market share and customers options without any change in their own library at Shutterstock.

They are a very big stock agengy, innovative and international. Currently, they are the leading agency in the microstock industry and continue to add new images, footage, updates to their library every day.

Shutterstock Particulars

  • Searchable by: a keyword or phrase, categories, licenses and buying options that you like with more detailed categories. Shutterstock is very easy to use.
  • They also offer free images every week to registered users.
  • Their shop has many available languages as they are selling photos internationally:
    • English
    • German
    • French
    • Portuguese
    • Italian
    • Dutch
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Japanese
    • Chinese
  • Shutterstock is based in New York, USA but supporting internationally with different languages and contact options.

Shutterstock Facts

  • Shutterstock has now over 75 million in their collection (this is the largest royalty free collection in the world), with more than 50,000 images added to their library every day.
  • Shutterstock has more than 3 million video clips
  • Shutterstock has different kinds of images namely: photos, vectors, illustrations icons.
  • They also have videos (short clips) and musics.
  • Shutterstock started their company since 2003 and was found by a photographer.
  • They accept different credit cards for payments like Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover and JCB.
  • The enhanced license is also available at Shutterstock with limited selection of photos from their library.
  • Their standard license has more advantages than the other stock agencies.
  • Their stock images are at a very high quality.

As mentioned above, Shutterstock is a subscription only stock agency. They are offering standard license and on-demand subscriptions and they also have an enhanced subscription for alternate licensing options.

The subscription buying options in Shutterstock are clearly defined.

  • Shutterstock got rid of the 25-a-day product (which they had before) and replaced it with more flexible options, which is now known as the no more daily download limits
  • Shutterstock has an annual subscription, which you will be paying monthly for a year which is good because you will not paying upfront (plus you will have savings of 20% with the annual subscription).
  • Their subscription varies in different criteria so please check the parameters carefully.

Shutterstock Licensing Options

Above, we already mentioned that Shutterstock has standard and enhanced licensing options but are limited images available. They have stated it clearly in their shop that images cannot be used for templates for sale but they can use it as a merchandising option. You should be reading and comprehend their licensing terms and conditions so that you will not be using their images incorrectly and you should know where you can get the enhanced license.

Shutterstock Add-on and Special Features

Free Images – As a registered user, you can get 2 free images weekly, one is  a stock photo and the other is a vector image. This will be a very nice bonus being a member of Shutterstock


Graphic Design Tips and Tricks – If you are a graphic designer, then this is best for you. This is a section where there are helpful resources written by Shutterstock submitters talking different topics on how to enhance your designs.

Blog – Just like other company sites, Shutterstock is posting daily a useful information, tips, guides, tutorials and many more to help you enhanced your designing skills.

Summary and Conclusion

Shutterstock is one of the biggest stock agencies online nowadays. They only offer subscription based plan. They have over 75 million images that you can choose from with vectors, illustrations, movie clips, music and many more. Shutterstock offer 2 images per day for registered users.

If you want to take advantage of the free images from Shutterstock, then register at Shutterstock today.

Get 18% OFF for all Image Subscriptions in Shutterstock Special Offer
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Get our 15% off on Shutterstock Footage and Video
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