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microstock_strategyThere are thousands of diverse images scattered on numerous Microstock websites all over the internet. The prices offered for the Microstock Pictures are more or less the same. Today, masses are buying and selling images on various Microstock websites which gives birth to certain questions like:

Q: How to Search Microstock Pictures?
Q: How do we know what pictures to download?
Q: Are those images already much used up in market?
Q: How to save time while searching among Millions of Microstock Pictures?

Averaging upload of 80,000 new Microstock pictures every week, this industry is at boom. This huge sea dissolves millions of amazing images as they get lost in masses. Image Prices set by various websites can be based on the popularity of the images or artists itself. If you pick up Microstock Images based on their popularity or number of downloads, you don’t only risk original design but you are likely to increase the cost of photos as well.

Irrespective you are newbie or veteran designer of this industry; you would always love to hear some tips on How to properly Search Microstock Pictures having excellent quality, style and that just fits your design.

Maintaining The Originality
Many people begin search based on popularity of Microstock pictures. They forget that falling popularity with time makes images old, much used and many-a-times sold. It’s highly recommended to make fresh search by looking for new images and relevant images.

Shorten Your Search Time
As you apply the filter to see maximum images on one page at one go, it makes your search time shorter thus saving you valuable time. Always prefer seeing full range of Microstock pictures at once. Of course, every site offers various viewing options, depending on its capabilities.

Search by Image Size
Designers who know in advance that they are hunting for big Microstock pictures should choose the search option only the big picture size. There is nothing more frustrating finding a stamp picture dressed with your design concept while you are hunting the big one.

Additional & Advanced Search Options

  • If you expect page to appear up fast search by file types that are: Vector (Graphical Illustration), video or music.
  • You can search Microstock pictures by color or dominant color area a picture. Many websites now offer a search for a picture by a more precise shade of color. There is no doubt that this search option saves you precious time adjusting image colors of the Flash player.
  • Microstock sites give you an option to search by different categories such as landscape, emotions, objects, people, etc. Some sites also increased to make and they give you the opportunity to look for in a sub-sub categories.

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